ion conductance

ion conductance
ионная проводимость

The English-Russian Dictionary Radioengineering. 2009.

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  • Scanning ion-conductance microscopy — The scanning ion conductance microscope (SICM) consists of an electrically charged glass micro or nanopipette probe filled with electrolyte lowered toward the surface of the sample (which is non conducting for ions) in an oppositely charged bath… …   Wikipedia

  • ion channelopathy — noun Any of several inherited diseases in which alterations in the control of ion conductance through the central pore of ion channels impair cell functions …   Wiktionary

  • Ion channel — Not to be confused with: Ion Television or Ion implantation. Schematic diagram of an ion channel. 1 channel domains (typically four per channel), 2 outer vestibule, 3 selectivity filter, 4 diameter of selectivity filter, 5 phosphorylation site, 6 …   Wikipedia

  • Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator — (ATP binding cassette sub family C, member 7) NBD1 of human CFTR complexed with ATP. PDB rendering based on 1xmi …   Wikipedia

  • Cyclic nucleotide-gated ion channel — Cyclic nucleotide gated (CNG) ion channels are ion channels that function in response to the binding of cyclic nucleotides. CNG channels are nonselective cation channels that are found in the membranes of various types of cells. Signal… …   Wikipedia

  • High-conductance state — The term high conductance state describes a particular state of neurons in specific states of the brain, such as for example during wakefulness, attentive states, or even during some anesthetized states. In individual neurons, the high… …   Wikipedia

  • Large-conductance mechanosensitive channel — Mechanosensitive ion channels (MscL) play a critical role in transducing physical stresses at the cell membrane into an electrochemical response. [cite journal |author=Chang G, Spencer RH, Lee AT, Barclay MT, Rees DC |title=Structure of the MscL… …   Wikipedia

  • Light-gated ion channel — Light gated ion channels are a group of transmembrane proteins that form ion channels; pores which open or close in response to light. Most light gated ion channels have been synthesized in the laboratory for study, though one naturally occurring …   Wikipedia

  • Stretch-activated ion channel — Stretch activated or stretch gated ion channels are ion channels which open their pores in response to mechanical deformation of a neuron s plasma membrane. Stretch activated channels were first observed in chick skeletal muscles by Falguni… …   Wikipedia

  • Mechanosensitive ion channel — Mechanosensitive channels (MS channels) are found in a number of tissues and organisms and are thought to be the sensors for a number of systems including the senses of touch, hearing and balance, as well as participating in cardiovascular… …   Wikipedia

  • Reversal potential — This article is about the biological application of the Nernst equation. For the general equation, see Nernst equation. In a biological membrane, the reversal potential (also known as the Nernst potential) of an ion is the membrane potential at… …   Wikipedia


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